My partner and I went to Porto last year in June. Porto is a coastal city in northwest Portugal known for its stately bridges and port wine production which we had the pleasure of tasting while in Porto.

Flights to Porto are fairly cheap depending on when you go and who you fly with. Once we arrived we got a taxi to our hotel which roughly took 15-20 minutes and didn’t cost that much. We stayed in Hotel Internacional link provided below:

This hotel was absolutely perfect! it was in the centre and had everything you needed such as restaurants, bars, take aways, shops and if you are looking to travel outwith Porto the Sao Bento railway station is only 5-10 minutes away depending on how fast you walk. Look out for the amazing art on the walls and ceilings as you walk in to the station.

One thing I recommend you try is the francesinha, it’s a Portuguese sandwich originally from Porto, made with bread, wet-cured ham, linguiça, fresh sausage like chipolata, steak or roast meat and covered with melted cheese and a hot thick tomato and beer sauce. It has a unique taste something that I will definitely not forget!

The city sits on a hill so I recommend wearing comfortable shoes when walking around. The relaxed atmosphere, the views, the weather, the art, the friendly locals, food and obv course the port is what we loved about this palce and we would definitely go back.

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