My partner and I have been to Turkey (Istanbul, Marmaris, Antalya) a few times in the past years, however the 1 place we both absolutely loved was Kas. This beautiful seaside town is located on the Mediterranean coast and although Istanbul, Marmaris and Antalya are beautiful too, Kas just took our breath away.

Being able to wake up and have breakfast as the sun was rising just felt so nice and not something we’d usually do since we live in Scotland.

We drove from Antalya airport which took a while however the drive was worth it as we got to enjoy the scenery on our way down, we also stopped a few times for refreshments.

When we went out for dinner I was more amazed with the sunset than I was with my food! I could literally sit there for ages watching the sun go down. The colours of the sky were just Insane!

We discovered a few bars in the town which was actually a nice surprise as we didn’t think there would be much to do at night. Dancing our night away we had a really fun time and enjoyed a delicious takeaway while walking back to our hotel. On our last day we woke up in the morning with a hangover and as we had to drive back to the airport let’s just say it wasn’t great especially with the windy roads.

However Kas is just beautiful, relaxing, the locals are friendly, the views are amazing and overall just a town worth visiting.

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