Glasgow City

My partner and I went to Glasgow this year for my birthday in March and the weather wasn’t the best however we still had a really fun time. Glasgow is the biggest city in Scotland filled with a variety of amazing shops, restaurants and bars. We took the bus from Edinburgh which took around 1 hour however you can also take the train which is faster but this would depend on where you lived.

We stayed in Glasgow for 1 night at the Millennium hotel which was perfectly located in the city centre.

This hotel was absolutely beautiful our room was amazing, very spacious also very comfortable. The staff at the hotel were friendly and we had a few drinks at the bar before heading out to dinner.

We had dinner at a south indian restaurant called Dakhin. The food was absolutely amazing, the atmosphere in the restaurant was relaxed and at no point did I feel rushed to eat my food and leave. I would definitely go here again.


In the morning we had a vegan breakfast at Bar Bloc on Bath street and it was so delicious. Although we only stayed in Glasgow 1 night I would of definitely stayed a few more nights as there is so much to see a do in this city that I would of loved to explore.

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