My partners grand parents live in a beautiful town in Scotland called Dumfries and I feel so privilege to be able to visit them and their lovely home.

Dumfries is a small town with a variety shops, lovely cafes and restaurants. It’s filled with history and amazing scenery of the Scottish countryside.  You can get to Dumfries by car or train, it takes around 2hrs by car but it does the depend on where you are travelling from and by train it’s longer.

It’s lovely to come here in the summer time as Dumfries have a variety of beaches and also camp sites plus it’s warm and the sunset’s are amazing. Mabie farm park is a family farm park filled with activities and animals for kids to see and do. It’s not only just for kids but adults as well and I enjoy visiting the farm animals.

I would highly recommend visiting Dumfries it’s relaxing, peaceful and fun.

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