Welcome to my post on Dubrovnik,

2 words to describe this place – absolutely stunning! the scenery, weather, tours, food and people is what makes this location a must visit. I only went for a week but I highly recommend much longer, there’s just so many more places to visit outside Dubrovnik such as Split, Zagreb, Mostar and Montenegro.

My partner and I went on a 3 island tour starting in Dubrovnik then headed towards the first island which was Lopud, Sipan (2nd) and Kolocep (3rd). I do get sea sick however this boat ride was smooth, we were provided with beverages and also lunch which was fresh fish! absolutely delicious. The tour lasted all day and it’s a great way to see all the islands in 1 day. I won’t say much more but I will be providing photos in the gallery section on my blog.

We also visited The Old Town on days we weren’t doing any tours and again it’s just stunning, so much history to learn and if you are a Game of Thrones fan (like me) then they also do tours on this.

We also did a tour to Korcula however the first stop was Ston which was a really lovely small village that had amazing coffee and just a really relaxed atmosphere. After leaving Ston we actually had to get a boat ride to Korcula but this only took 10 minutes or so and once we got there we had lots of time to spare.

Korcula has a variety of restaurants and bars to relax at, shops to visit, you can walk around the village or just go for a swim. It’s a beautiful little village worth visiting or even staying! As our tour was coming to an end we stopped off the Matusko winery where we did some wine tasting and also got a tour of the winery. I am a wine lover myself and I found this very interesting, obviously had to buy some wine too!

Food talk now!

I love food and I highly recommend the Magellan restaurant! it is pricey however it depends on what you get to eat and drink. We also went to El Toro restaurant which do amazing pizza and the Atlantic which was a hidden restaurant outwith the city that also does amazing food. I have provided links to Magellan and Atlantic however El toro don’t have a website (this restaurant is near hotel Rixos Libertas).

We finished our holiday by having a drink at the Agora bar at hotel Rixos, although the drinks were expensive the atmosphere and views were really relaxing and it was a great way to end the holiday.

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